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Denise Corona Avalos

Legislative Assistant

Denise brings more than 17 years experience in the public policy and state affairs environment. In her role with Elevance Health, she supported numerous executives and their teams to keep processes running smoothly and compliant.

As a Legislative Assistant within Lighthouse Public Affairs, Denise Corona Avalos brings her expertise in a broad variety of administrative tasks. She works directly with the Legislative Manager and firm lobbyists, providing scheduling assistance as well as technical and legislative support to our projects. Denise also monitors legislative and administrative hearings in the Capitol and follows issues and legislation important to our clients.

An alumnus of Sacramento City College and Skyline College, Denise is a Sacramento native who spends her spare time as an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer and is an avid “glamper.” During the summer months you’ll find her, her four dogs, and her husband on the Mendocino coast surrounded by redwoods.